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Committed To Effecting a Positive Change in the People We Serve

Mission StatementBinding Abilities & Resources Center Inc. is committed to effecting a positive change in the people we serve. We will advance our mission of providing specialized high quality, innovative services to children and youth with social, emotional, special education, developmental, and mental health needs. While respecting the dignity of all our clients, we will maintain a safe and professional environment that will ensure a positive experience for our participants, networking partnerships, families, and staff.

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Helping Children Achieve and
Reach Their Full Potential

Binding Abilities & Resources Center, Inc. is a community-based organization that offers a youth mentoring program for at-risk children in Bowie, Maryland. We also provide specialized innovative services to children and youth with behavioral, social, emotional, special education, physical development, and mental health challenges. Our goal is to meet kids where they are and help them to reach their full potential regardless of their challenges. Lend a helping hand to our kids so they can have a chance to thrive. We accept generous monetary gifts and your time as a volunteer in this nonprofit organization.

Our activities are only possible because of you. When we have a strong team of volunteers, we are able to put on fantastic activities for our kids. Your donations play a great role in our operations. We'll be able to make dreams come true for at-risk high school students who deserve the opportunity to achieve success in life.

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Our leader was once a director of a children's service program. After noticing that program would only target one population and not offer a variety of services, our leader wanted to offer many services to all age levels that need help. Whether it is social, academic or emotional need, we help these children reach their full potential, regardless of their challenges. We do this by offering programs that include youth mentoring and specialized programs for children with disabilities. Since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your donations can be written off for taxes. Contact us for information on how to take advantage of the tax write-off.

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