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Building Children's Futures Through Volunteers

The future is limited for a child without proper guidance and decent role models to look up to. You can prevent kids from straying down the wrong path by becoming a mentor to at-risk youth and children with special needs. If you are looking to volunteer your time at Binding Abilities & Resources Center, Inc., all you have to do is email us and include a description of why you want to volunteer your time with us. The only qualification we are looking for in our volunteers is that you be over the age of 18 years old. Our organization performs background checks and does not have any specific time commitment for our volunteers. More information can be found here about volunteering.

Teens and Volunteer with Child


Women with Children and Father with Son

Supporting Our Dream-Fulfilling Programs

When you share a monetary donation with our nonprofit organization, you allow us to host special events for our children in Bowie, Maryland. Your gift can help fund our Prom Dreams program, which provides prom attire to kids who cannot afford their outfits. It's every high school student's dream to go to his or her prom and every parent's dream to take pictures of their children in elegant attire before they head to the festivities. You can be a part of a special day they'll remember for the rest of their lives with a generous monetary gift. We are currently seeking monetary donations to support the different programs and events we hold. You have the option to support our fundraising initiatives by attending special events, but you can also contribute without attending by donating online through PayPal.

Fees for Service

Our programs require the payment of fees for service such as registration and other expenses. For information on our pricing and fees, please contact us so we can speak to you about pricing.